Pressing the panic button when you face financial issues will not do any good, yet this is the common reaction of most people. It is natural to get tensed when you urgently need cash and have no idea where to get it from. Around 80% opt for a bank loan, but few manage to secure it because loans might not be granted to people because it sort of depicts that people currently facing monetary problems may not be able to pay it back. If you have failed to secure a loan due to similar reasons, it is time to consider the “cash for your gold” option.

Why use gold?

Gold is one of the most valuable metals in the world and in the last few years the prices have shot up like a rocket! In fact, it keeps going up and up, which makes gold one of your most valuable assets. If you study the graph of the last 10 years, you will notice the trend – the value of gold is certainly not depreciating. But before you venture into the market to get cash for your gold, it is necessary to get the gold appraised by a certified party. Plus, there are other factors that affect the value such as central banks, financial stress, the demands in the jewelry industry, emergency selling, etc. Get the gold appraised for its purity and carats, as they play a big role in determining the value and price per ounce.

Get your gold pawned!

A common misconception is that pawn shops only pawn jewelry but it is assuredly not so. We wish to provide our customers with as many options as possible – so here goes:
  • Sell off your items – regardless of the state of items, we will give you the best price for everything you bring to us. We are renowned for paying the best depending upon the type of gold and its current spot price.
  • Loan the items – Some items have sentiments attached to it and we respect your feelings in such cases. It is difficult to say goodbye to something given to you by a loved one or something that has been passed down through generations. Pawn the items and get easy and instant cash in exchange. We will work out a suitable time frame within which you can return the money and collect the items.

Why come to us?

We have often been asked how our “cash for your gold” scheme is different from the others available online. Although there are loads of pawn shops available, very few can actually claim to have qualified experts on board who specialize in gold because most deal with general items. They resell the items after exchanging them. We are proud to have gemologists with years of experience under their belt, which is why we can provide an iron-clad guarantee of providing the highest value for your jewelry. Our modus operandi is simple – we appraise and make an on-spot offer, which you are free to accept or reject. If you have chosen to pawn your items, rest assured that we implement the highest standards of security to ensure that they are safe till you collect them.