We can’t predict financial problems beforehand, which is why we often go into panic mode during hard times. Be it a couple of bad investments or a family emergency, you never know when you might run into money-related problems. Many still choose the traditional route of applying for a loan, even if the process takes a long time.

Why Jewelry Appraisal is your best bet?

There are a lot of skeptics who don’t want to try out new methods of acquiring cash, which is why they opt for loans. But as mentioned above, the process might take a very long time to complete and you have to meet various terms and requirements before the amount can be sanctioned. A bad credit rating can easily affect the process or you might have to pay a very high rate of interest. Before you know it, you will be struggling to make both ends meet as well as trying to pay off the loan plus the interest. Jewelry appraisal is your best choice in this case because it is secure and you don’t need to scrape afterwards.

How does it work?

Our qualified experts will appraise your jewelry using the latest and highest standards of technology. We will need a valid ID or passport issued by the state before we begin the process. We perform a thorough inspection of the jewelry and incorporate it into a detailed report that includes the description of the items. We evaluate a complete piece of jewelry and provide a value for the whole piece. We scrutinize the metals, the design and all of the gems used to make that piece of jewelry. For your assurance, we provide a statement of limitations and the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice Certification Agreement and value justifications. To ensure that you get the best possible service from us, we include photographs of your jewelry along with a detailed list of the appraisal devices and equipment used. Rest assured, your jewelry is in good hands.

What we can do for you?

The estimate we provide is a no-obligations quote, which means you are free to accept or reject it if it doesn’t meet your expectations. We will provide you with the opportunity to look over the appraisal documents so that you know exactly what your jewelry is worth. Here you have two options – you can either pawn the jewelry or sell it off completely. Although we accept old and broken jewelry too, we include factors like condition of items, quality, authenticity, weights, and so on, before making an offer. We offer instant cash in both cases – pawning or selling. Our rate of interest in the case of the former is quite low and we guarantee that your jewelry will be safe and secure till you collect it. We are willing to negotiate a reasonable time frame within which you can return the money and we believe in making adjustments for out clients.
Please feel free to give us a call any time for jewelry appraisal – we are happy to help you out!